Enclosed Miniature Proportional Pinch Valve-IP65 Rated Series

mppv-en series

Precision Flow Control Pinch Valve

Sanitary fluid separation and flow metering in one precision pinch IP65 rated valve.

Expanding on the patented Resolution Air MPPV-series, the MPPV-EN series provides protection against dust and water jet ingress. The addition of a IP65 rated enclosure offers further value for the MPPV technology in sanitary processes.

The MPPV-EN series enclosure means barriers associated with environmental conditions are eliminated. This IP65 rated valve makes the advantages of the MPPV design attainable for a wider range of systems and applications. The incorporation of robust M12 connector technology streamlines installation and wiring, adding to MPPV-EN series advantages.

Not only do the MPPV- series and MPPV-EN series provide fluid metering, both are capable of generating 5x (15 lbs.) the pinch force of a typical solenoid pinch valve. This is a tremendous benefit in systems utilizing higher pressures and larger tube diameters (1/8” O.D. -0.500” O.D.).

Available in a variety of size configurations to meet a wide range of needs, the newly developed MPPV-EN series has been engineered to meet the most challenging precision flow metering needs in industries such as bio-chemical, food and beverage, and medical devices.


  • IP65 rated valve
  • Automated control
  • No physical contact with process fluid
  • High resolution flow control
  • Maintains position with power loss
  • High repeatability
  • Low power consumption
  • Light weight, low profile design
  • 5x pinch force (15 lb.) of solenoid pinch valve
  • Home switch indicates full open position


Tube Size O.D.0.125″
Travel Rate*0.5 sec.
Weight0.372 lb.
Valve Dim.0.875 O.D. x 2.921″L


Tube Size O.D.0.250″
Travel Rate*1 sec.
Weight0.372 lb.
Valve Dim.0.875 O.D. x 3.018″L


Tube Size O.D.0.375″
Travel Rate*1.5 sec.
Weight0.374 lb.
Valve Dim.0.875 O.D. x 3.163″L


Tube Size O.D.0.500″
Travel Rate*2 sec.
Weight0.402 lb.
Valve Dim.0.875 O.D. x 3.424″L
en specs
Performance Characteristics
Standard Tube Sizes (O.D.)1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
Recommended Tubing Durometer50-60 SHORE A
Max. Temp.180 Degrees F
Motor TypeBi-Polar Stepper Motor
Position Resolution.0005″/step
Power Consumption3.85 Watts
Home Switch Supply Voltage3.8-24 VDC
Motor Supply Voltage24-40 VDC Unregulated Power Supply
Electrical Connection12″ Wiring Harness (included)
Driver RequirementsBi-Polar Chopper Drive
Home SwitchHall Effect- Full Open Position
Max. Current/Phase385 mA
Max. Pinch Force16.25 lbs. @100 steps/sec.
CertificationsRoHS, CE, IP65


Download Our Technical Data Sheet

m-series technical data pdf