Resolution Air, Ltd’s Binary Controller (BC-1) is the robust solution for On/Off flow control providing high pinch force with low power consumption. Proportional Pinch Valves eliminate the critical deficiencies surrounding traditional pinch valves of low pinch force and high power consumption.* The BC-1 streamlines the control integration of Resolution Air, Ltd. Valves into systems requiring on/off flow control. The BC-1 incorporates a programmed driver/ controller which optimizes the motor current, valve speed, and closed position for its mated valve. The
BC-1 comes preprogrammed but can easily be customized by the customer.** In addition, screw terminal connections (motor, home sensor, digital inputs, and supply power) and multiple mounting
options (base plate and 35 mm DIN rail) are incorporated to facilitate the installation process.

*Note: The integral stepper leadscrew of a proportional pinch valve generates significantly higher pinch forces (5x-15x) than a traditional solenoid pinch valve with less power. The MPPV-series can generate up to 15 lbs. of pinch force at 3.85 watts whereas the HPPV-series is capable of generating up to 50 lbs. of pinch force at 5.7 watts compared to 4 lbs. of a solenoid pinch valve at 72 watts.
** Adapter Kit Required


  • Programmed for ON/OFF control
  • High Pinch Force
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Simple Installation
  • Power Requirements: 24-30 VDC
  • Current Rating: 1 amp Bi-polar chopper/driver
  • Opto Isolated Digital Inputs (5-24 VDC): Stop,
    Close, Open
  • Integrated Home Sensor input with pull-up
    resistor installed
  • 5x pinch force (15 lb.) of solenoid pinch valve
  • Idle Current Mode: Automatic 50% current
    reduction after 1 second idle time
  • Customer configurable operation parameters: motor current, valve speed, closed position and idle current


BC-1: Electrical and Dimensional Specs

Download the EN-Series Technical Data Sheet

m-series technical data pdf