DRV-1 Step Motor Drive

The DRV-1 Step motor drive is a cost-effective, high performance drive. The design is based on advanced digital current control technology, and features high torque, low noise and low vibration. Running current, microstep resolution, and other parameters are switch selectable so software configuration is not required.
DRV-1 Step Motor Drive

      • Great for Resolution Air, Ltd.’s MPPV-Series valve applications requiring basic step and direction control.
      • Sinking, Sourcing, and Differential control system compatibility
      • Microstepping(16 settings).
      • Current rating: 0.283 Amps to 2.12 Amps(RMS)
    • Voltage rating: 12-40 VDC
    • Digital Input Signals: 5-24 VDC
    • Integrated microstep emulation and noise filtering

Download the DRV-1 Manual

DRV-1 Manual PDF Download