H-Series Hybrid Proportional Pinch Valves

Resolution Air’s larger proportional pinch valves offer greater pinch force ideal for higher pressure systems

hybrid proportional pinch valves

Resolution Air, Ltd.’s Hybrid Proportional Pinch Valves not only combine the benefits of pinch valve fluid separation with the proportional valve control for sanitary processes, they do so while generating significantly more pinch force than a traditional solenoid valve—without the expense of compressed air. The HPPV-series consists of larger valves that utilize a robust and powerful linear actuator capable of generating 50 lbs. of pinch force ideal for higher pressure systems and tube sizes up to 1.00” O.D. Valves come standard with a hall-effect home sensor, and an optional encoder is available.

Hybrid Proportional Pinch Valve Advantages

  • Automated control
  • No physical contact with process fluid
  • High resolution flow control
  • Home switch provides digital output for full open position
  • Durable construction
  • Tested performance
  • High repeatability
  • Low power consumption
  • No leakage
  • Long performance life
  • Light weight, low profile design
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Valve body material option: Stainless Steel


Download HPPV Technical Data Sheet

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HPPV series pinch valve manual

HPPV series pinch valve technical specs