Congressman Chabot and South Korean Ambassador visit Resolution Air, LTD.

Resolution Air, Ltd. welcomed Congressman Steve Chabot and South Korean Ambassador Ahn Ho-Young for a tour of their facility.

“It was an absolute honor to meet with Congressman Chabot and Ambassador Ahn Ho-Young,” says owner Brad Thompson. “Congressman Chabot’s visit was a testament to his commitment to entrepreneurs. Additionally, the Ambassador’s insightful questioning was indicative of his passion for manufacturing entrepreneurs. It’s incredibly inspiring to receive encouragement from two great world leaders.”

“South Korea is an important ally and partner in the Asia and Pacific region. So, I was honored to host Ambassador Ahn Ho-Young last week and highlight for him some of the best that Cincinnati has to offer. It was particularly gratifying to be able to show the Ambassador the innovative and groundbreaking technology and ideas that Cincinnati small businesses are developing,” says Congressman Steve Chabot.




Fluid separation and flow metering are now available in one high performance valve. New technology developed by Resolution Air allows the benefits of pinch valve fluid separation to be combined with proportional valve control for sanitary processes that require highly accurate, incremental flow regulation where cleanliness and sterility is required. The newly developed Miniature Proportional Pinch Valve series has been engineered to meet the needs of the most challenging precision flow applications in industries such as bio-chemical, food and beverage, and healthcare.

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