The Key to a Simple, Sanitary, and Cost-Efficient Design is Here

Merging the characteristics of pinch valve fluid separation and proportional valve control, the Miniature Proportional Pinch Valve (MPPV) introduces a whole new level of performance and efficiency to sanitary applications requiring cleanliness and sterility, as well as highly accurate incremental flow regulation. Eliminating the need for multiple-valve, high-maintenance assemblies, this single valve offers a compact, efficient solution.

This FREE to download eBook introduces readers to the new patented Miniature Proportional Pinch Valve technology and the advantages it offers.

Topics include:

  • Development of the Patented Technology
  • Control Requirements
  • Meeting Sanitary Requirements
  • Improving Process Efficiency
  • Simplifying Maintenance and Reducing Costs
  • Applying the Benefits to Your Design

This guide offers you an in-depth look at this revolutionary valve, and provides insight into the unique advantages offered by Resolution Air, originator of this innovative valve design.

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